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to avoid so that you don't get strangers, or parts of them, in the photo and there are often flashing, coloured lights and light reflections to contend with. So to get a good photograph you need to have someone that can bring a modicum of organisation into the chaos that is often found in a party and nightclub. However, you still want to be able to see something of the surrounds to set the mood and inform people about the setting.

Cloud Imagery understands that corporate events are already hectic enough without having to babysit your hired photographer. Cloud Imagery is professional and have experience in covering events; Cloud Imagery understand where to be and when to be there to make sure they have the shot. We capture your function/conference without interrupting guests and speakers! With our high quality, extra-long lenses and quiet cameras no one will even notice we are there when the focus needs to be on a guest or speaker.
Cloud Imagery can help cover your single or multi-day functions across Western Australia. We offer multiple photographers depending on the number of people attending, the amount of coverage you are after, and how long you want photography for.

Cloud Imagery is experienced in nightclub settings, therefore will ensure that all your images are memorable, unique and beautiful. Party or nightclub photography is something that is not all that easy for an amateur photographer to make a success of. There is the crowd of people 


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