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Cloud Imagery is experienced in nightclub settings, therefore will ensure that all your images are memorable, unique and beautiful. Party or nightclub photography is something that is not all that easy for an amateur photographer to make a success of. There is the crowd of people to avoid so that you don't get strangers, or parts of them, in the photo and there are often flashing, coloured lights and light reflections to contend with. So to get a good photograph you need to have someone that can bring a modicum of organisation into the chaos that is often found in a party and nightclub. However, you still want to be able to see something of the surrounds to set the mood and inform people about the setting.


Our candid and natural style of photography uses the available natural light, and a touch of flash when necessary, to provide you with a stunningly true representation of your wedding day. We work our magic behind the camera, to let you enjoy the day you have planned for so long. Capturing those natural emotive moments makes your wedding memories timeless, and our digital delivery means you can keep, treasure and share all the photos with family and friends for years to come. The photography may stop at the end of your wedding day but we certainly do not. After you wedding we edit each individual photo using our sunny day editing style to ensure consistency across the exposure and colour of your wedding gallery. We love to continue working with our photos to design beautiful and timeless albums and prints.


Your wedding day is full of emotion and your wedding video should remind you how truly beautiful your day was, over and over and over again. Using our natural editorial documentary style plus the latest video and sound recording equipment, we capture all of your precious memories in cinematic high definition quality. Our relaxed and friendly videographers let your day flow with no need for pretence always keeping our distance so you can forget the cameras are even there. Capturing amazing footage of your day is only the tip of the iceberg, working behind the screen we strive to tell the story of your wedding day with our spellbinding wedding films that capture the excitement and love between you and your partner that you just can’t stop watching.

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