How to have a Wedding with Children

Every girl dreams of the day when she’ll meet, fall in love and marry the person that completes her puzzle. That dream slowly unfolds from the day he pops the question to the day she walks down the aisle in her dream gown. It’s a wondrous experience.

We recently had the opportunity to photograph and video one such wedding. Isaac and Dannielle chose to have a family focused wedding, an intimate morning ceremony (and afternoon reception) hosted at the Joondalup Resort.

The day, Saturday 20th of October 2018, was overcast. This added an air of romance, creating the perfect backdrop for the most spectacular images.

It was later that morning when a light shower drizzled on the bride and groom but didn’t dampen the mood. Danielle glowed in her bridal gown from Bridal by Aubrey Rose. Choice Wedding and Events styled the ceremony and reception and their celebrant was Nina Guelfi from Swan Valley Celebrant. The event was truly breathtaking.

Five Tips To Survive A Wedding With Children

If you’re planning a family wedding and expect children to attend it’s really important that you prepare for the day so that it won’t cause you any stress or anxiety. The secret to surviving children on your guest list is keeping them active. Here are our tips to ensure it’s smooth sailing (and no wailing) on the most important day of your life.

1. Give Them A Job

The best way to see to it that the little ones are occupied is to give them something to do during your ceremony. It’s quite traditional that children are a part of the ceremony, but many bride-do-be’s opt to forego this tradition even if there’ll be children attending. If you’re planning to make your wedding kid-friendly give them simple jobs that will enhance your ceremony and give it that priceless “cute factor”. You won’t regret it once you see a pageboy all dressed up and delivering the rings. You could also make the little ladies flower girls and have all the children throw confetti as you exit.

2. Organise A “Baby Sitter”

When the reception begins that’s when you’ll really love the fact that you’ve organised a babysitter to watch over the younger children. Left to their own devices children can become hard to manage and cranky. If you’d like to avoid this adult supervision is a necessity. You could solicit the help of your parents or hire help if need be.

3. Indulge In Bribery

To get children to cooperate sometimes bribery is essential. Sweets and treats are common bribes on the wedding circuit. What’s even more common is to ensure the kiddies know that bribes will only be served AFTER they’ve been well-behaved throughout the wedding and the reception. A badly timed “bribe” could set off a string of unpleasant events, that may lead to some sullen looking wedding photos. Swap the red snakes, that have an immediate sugar-rush, for bowls of Tic Tac's that are less sticky and easier to manage.

4. Arrange A Kids Table With Activities

As I’ve mentioned earlier, preoccupied children make the perfect and most well-behaved guests. To achieve this during the reception, include the ever popular “kiddies table” in your seating arrangement. At the kiddies table seat their babysitter and include loads of activities. Board games, colouring books and crafts will keep the little guests focused and in their designated space throughout the reception. If you expect there to be any spats about who’s hogging what, include a few sets of the most popular items.

5. Include Kid Friendly Music

For the youngest in the bunch, tailor parts of the reception around their specific needs. You can do this by adding some “kid friendly” music to your playlist. This makes it easier for children to get in on the fun, and will certainly be enjoyed by every adult as the day or night continues. Think Macarena or the Chicken Dance. Really these would be crowd pleases at any wedding, but if anyone asks… it’s definitely for the children!