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Unknown that you are being photographed can create some of the best images. Cloud Imagery's aim is to always capture the athlete at the peak of their performance to show expression, dedication, skill and hard work. Having these images available to your sporting team, school, individual, families and friends makes the split second last a lifetime. We photograph at team training's and events, all with the same goal in mind - to get you performing at and looking your best!


Cloud Imagery understands that every sporting team is different. Team portraits can vary, Cloud Imagery offer both formal and informal team portraits. We also offer taking the club/teams photo on game day or at training sessions. Cloud Imagery also offer bundles where portraits are taken followed on by action sport photos.

Let's Meet & Chat

Meet Cloud Imagery's Head Photographer & Head Videographer, obligation free, to discuss and understand how we will best capture you in action!

Extra Travel - Charged at 60c per Km, once off fee.

Accommodation - May be required for events over 150km from our Studio.