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Perth Wedding Photography

Perth's Best Team for Wedding

Photography, Video, Content Creation

At weddings, Cloud Imagery’s experienced team let your day flow naturally, our fly on the wall approach allows your photographer to capture the moments when you completely relax, sink into one another and surrounds. Your wedding day is about you and your soul mate, the reason you are getting married and celebrating with family and friends, your videographer will capture the essence of your wedding to create a complete wedding film.

Using a best friend point-of-view, our content creator discreetly captures intimate, fun, and funny behind-the-scenes moments that are often missed by the "professionals". Your content creator will capture and provide hundreds of short-form videos and photos from throughout the day, ensuring you get to relive the magical moments, plus create multiple video reels for you to share!

Over our 10 years capturing weddings we have been so lucky to be trusted and involved in some incredibly intimate moments deeply rooted in culture and tradition. Extravagant or relaxed plans, we have the perfect team to capture timeless memories of your wedding celebrations. From multi-day extravaganzas, intimate backyard nuptials, classic outdoor wedding, traditional church ceremonies and celebrations.

Cloud Imagery loves adventuring to new places and any fantastic locations you know of, contacting us is the easiest way to discuss your destination wedding. We frequently shoot in the following locations, and would travel back in a heartbeat; Margaret River, Busselton, Dunsborough, Bunbury, Ferguson Valley, Toodyay, Northam, Lancelin, Geraldton, Karratha, Exmouth, Port Headland and Broom.

Perth Wedding Photographers

Our candid and natural style of photography uses the available natural light, and a touch of flash when necessary, to provide you with a stunningly true representation of your wedding day. We work our magic behind the camera, to let you enjoy the day you have planned for so long. Capturing those natural emotive moments makes your wedding memories timeless, and our digital delivery means you can keep, treasure and share all the photos with family and friends for years to come. The photography may stop at the end of your wedding day but we certainly do not. After your wedding we edit all your photos using our sunny day editing style to ensure consistency across the exposure and colour of your wedding gallery. We love to continue working with our photos to design beautiful and timeless albums and prints.

Perth Wedding Photographer

Full Day


Photography Package Prices

Consecutive coverage with Photographer/s

Pre-Wedding Zoom Meeting

Minimum 100+ Images per hour

Professional Editing: Colour Correction & Cropping

Photos provided in Colour & Grayscale (B&W)

Private Online Gallery Website

High Resolution Download of all Photos

All Photos archived to

250km Travel Radius included (from Cannington)

Additional travel is charged at $1.20 per kilometre.

Full Day

From 8 Hours


Half Day

From 5 Hours



Up to 3 Hours


Perth Wedding Videographers

Your wedding day is full of emotion and your wedding video should remind you how truly beautiful your day was, over and over and over again. Using our natural editorial documentary style plus the latest video and sound recording equipment, we capture all of your precious memories in cinematic high definition quality. Our relaxed and friendly videographers let your day flow with no need for pretence, always keeping our distance so you can forget the cameras are even there. Capturing amazing footage of your day is only the tip of the iceberg. Working behind the screen we strive to tell the story of your wedding day with our spellbinding wedding films that capture the excitement and love between you and your partner that you just can’t stop watching.

Half Day


Videography Package Prices

Consecutive coverage with Videographer/s

Multi Camera Recording of Ceremony & Formalities

Sound Recording of Ceremony & Formalities

Professional Editing into;

  • 1 Minute: Teaser (Landscape)

  • 1 Minute: Reel (Portrait)

  • 3-5 Minute: Short Highlight Film

  • 7-10 Minute: Long Highlight Film

  • Everything Edit: Full Ceremony & Formalities

One Revision on Films (e.g. music change)

Private Gallery & Download of all Videos

All Videos archived to

250km Travel Radius included (from Cannington)

Additional travel is charged at $1.20 per kilometre.

Full Day

From 8 Hours


Half Day

From 5 Hours



Up to 3 Hours


Perth Wedding Content Creation

You can now truly immerse yourself in every moment, phone-free, and let our team take care of preserving those cherished memories.

A unique and unfiltered approach to weddings, using a guests point-of-view, our discreet content creator team captures intimate, fun, and funny behind-the-scenes moments that are often missed by the "professionals". Gone are the days of waiting for a polished video; instead, we provide hundreds of short-form videos and photos captured throughout the day plus create 4 Reels, ensuring you get to share and relive all the magical moments sooner.

Our team is equipped with a gimbal assisted cameras shooting both photos and videos in portrait, to capture every touching moment of your wedding day. By keeping the raw, uncut moments forever, Content Creation helps you eternalize your wedding day.

Perth Wedding Content Creator

Full Day


Content Creation Prices

Consecutive coverage with Professional Creator

Pre-Wedding Zoom Meeting

Captured with Gimbal Assisted Camera

Audio/Mic Recording of Ceremony/Speeches*

Gallery of Unedited Photos & Videos within 24 Hours

Creation of 4 Reels (your choice) within 48 Hours;

  • 1-3 Minute: Whole Day

  • 45-60 Seconds: Bride/Groom Preparations

  • 45-60 Seconds: Ceremony

  • 45-60 Seconds: Reception

One Revision on Reels (e.g. music change)

All Content archived to

250km Travel Radius included (from Cannington)

Additional travel is charged at $1.20 per kilometre.

* continuous video recording required for full audio recording.

Full Day

From 8 Hours


Half Day

From 6 Hours



Up to 4 Hours


Drone Photo & Video for Perth Weddings

Take to the skies and have your wedding captured from a birds eye view! Stunning ceremony shots, incredible whole group photos, fabulous formal photos and video all captured in stunning high definition. Adding a drone to your day will take your wedding video and photos to a whole new level showing just how epic your wedding truly was. With our highly trained and qualified drone pilots we will be sure to capture incredible imagery of your wedding day. Working with your venue, local governments and CASA our team will ensure all permissions are in place before the big day so you can make the absolute most of the drone. Capturing the entire landscape aerial imagery will paint the complete picture of all the hard work and planning that has gone into your wedding!

Perth Wedding Video



Additional Drone Prices

CASA Certified Drone Pilot

Professionally Edited Photos & Video

Images provided with Photography Collection

or/and; Video Footage blended with Videos/Content

All drone flights are subject to weather, emergency services and CASA regulations.

250km Travel Radius included (from Cannington)

Additional travel is charged at $1.20 per kilometre.


From 3 Hours



Up to 3 Hours



Up to 2 Hours